openSDR# (read OPEN SDR Sharp) is a mirror project of the real SDR#. Actually mirror isn't accurate. How about clone. Well that's not right either. Dolly the sheep was a clone, and sheep are cute. There's nothing cute about hijacking someone elses project (I wanted to type STEALING, but I'm trying to be nice).

Anyway. This page is just a reminder to let everyone know that the one true SDR# is at WWW.SDRSHARP.COM.

Accept no imitations! Or clones!

A huge announcement.

We're almost ready to put our our first product, the openSDRSharp!

Tired of opening SDRSharp the old fashioned way? Well, with the new patented, copyrighted, and trademarked openSDRSharp©™®! Once you've done it the openSDRSharp way, you won't open your SDRSharp any other way again. This is the only product approved to wear the open SDRSharp name.

Why did we do it? well, you know. For the kids!

Dolly. The official mascot of openSDRSharp

SDR# Copyright Youssef Touil
openSDRSharp Copyright Henry Forte.
www.opensdrsharp.com www.opensdrsharp.org